Holiday Choice

We only offer you the best adventures we can find.  There are many guides and adventures we will not promote because we cannot guarantee for sure that they will give you the best possible holiday experience.  We know some UK companies that promote trips that have groups of up to 12 and only 3 dogs per person!

You can be reassured that the guides use are the best in each destination.  Most get 10/10 from every client.

Most of the winter adventure holidays we offer are run by excellent family businesses in different parts of the world, so each one is unique and can be quite different .... I'll just list some of the permutations ....

Dogs: The dogs can be Siberian, Alaskan or Greenland - different in nature - and how many will you get or need?

Guides: Each guide has a different style.  Some are best with beginners or the nervous, some suit those who want to push to the limits .

Terrain:   Flat, undulating, technical, open trails, narrow trails, sheltered, exposed - how difficult will YOU find it?  Each area and trail is different in nature .... who will you discuss this with?

Weather:   The weather in Finland is quite different to Sweden which is different again to Norway and Canada.  What can you expect?  When is it best to go to each place?  What are the plus and minus points of each region?

Food:  This also varies from guide to guide and from country to country.  If you need particular dietary needs to be met, how well will each place cope?

Accommodation:   What is it really like?  Where are the loos?  Is it warm?  Where do you eat?  Do you have you own room?  Where you stay varies greatly .... and no matter how many pictures you see it is only by being there can you see exactly how things are!

So how will you decide?  
We have spent years in discussion plus weeks and £1000s in visiting most of the guides to find the answers - so that we can give you detailed advice.  Each guiding company only knows their own operation - we can compare them side by side and make good judgements as their suitability for you.

And what if things go wrong?
How would you sort things out if you book with an unknown or foreign company?  We carefully select each of the holidays we offer - so problems are rare.  Your money is also in a UK Trust Fund until your trip is satisfactorily completed.  Should there be any difficulty whatsoever we will act on your behalf to get satisfactory outcome.  We value our reputation and our guides value our business so any issue is resolved quickly.

So our Expert Knowledge will help you find the best trip for you; we only use Reliable Guides ; our holidays are  Value for Money as we are a small business with minimal overheads; have Security using a UK based company; we will give you full assistance planning your Travel to the desination; we can offer variations and Tailor-Made holidays to many of our destinations.


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