Dog Sledding in Sweden

Husky Holidays invites you to discover Sweden with a range of dog sledding adventures. From beginner-friendly excursions to multi-activity experiences including cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, there’s an adventure for everyone.

Experience the thrill of leading your own team of huskies through Sweden’s stunning snowy landscapes. Glide through tranquil forests and over frozen lakes, accessible only by sled. Enhance your sledding adventure with the excitement of cross-country skiing and the adrenaline of snowmobiling. Our multi-activity options offer a comprehensive winter holiday experience.

Embark on a unique husky dog sledding journey with Husky Holidays. Small group sizes ensure an intimate and personalised experience. Choose your adventure and immerse in Sweden’s winter magic.

Dog Sledding in Sweden for Beginners

Swedish Lapland Husky Tour Husky Sledding

Swedish Lapland Husky Tour

Enjoy an exciting 2 day, 3 night wilderness husky adventure. Based in simple cabins. Suitable for families. You choose your departure date - enquire and tell us when you want to go!!
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Aurora Husky Tour View

Aurora Husky Tour

Wonderful opportunities to see the Aurora during the dark polar nights, see the glittering snow, breathe pure air and a silence so intense you can almost hear it! Overnights in simple cabins.
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Swedish Lapland Adventure Snowshoe Walking

Swedish Lapland Adventure

Experience in the wilderness of Swedish Lapland. Based in simple wilderness cabins - no running water but with traditional saunas. Husky safaris, snowmobiling, XC skiing, snowshoeing, igloo building, reindeer farm are all possible. Just book the days and activities you wish.
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Adventure Safari Sweden Husky Holidays

Adventure Safari Sweden

Quality and lovely cabins, good food and fast huskies. Private bedrooms possible. Top quality Alaskan huskies that have good periods of rest so are willing and able to run fast!
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Dog Sledding in Sweden: Medium and Challenging

Mountain Tepee Expedition Into Mountains

Mountain Tepee Expedition

Enjoy spectacular mountain scenery as this independent expedition crosses vast lakes, climbs mountain passes giving views of the Kebnekaise and more. Tough rewarding experience. Superb wilderness experience.
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Swedish Lapland Mountain Tour Dog Sledding

Swedish Lapland Mountain Tour

Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the mountains on this expedition. Overnights in cabins. Tough but rewarding experience. Stunning wilderness. No experience required but willing to try.
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Can you go dog sledding in Sweden?

Sweden offers some of the best husky sledding experiences in Europe, with its vast snow-covered landscapes and deep forests. You can experience the exhilarating adventure of dog sledding in areas such as Kiruna and Abisko; areas known for their stunning winter landscapes and vibrant husky sledding culture.

Where can i go husky sledding in Sweden?

Sweden offers several fantastic areas for dog sledding. Areas such as Kiruna and Abisko that are located in the northernmost part of Sweden are known as the premier destinations for husky sledding enthusiasts. These regions provides a variety of trails that cater to all levels of experience, from serene, beginner-friendly excursions to more vigorous and thrilling adventures.

Where is the best place to do dog sledding?

Kiruna is home to Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, and is a popular starting point for Northern Lights tours. The area around Kiruna offers a variety of husky sledding tours, ranging from a few hours to several days.

Jukkasjärvi is known for the ICEHOTEL, but it’s also a great place for husky sledding. You can combine your sledding adventure with a stay at the ICEHOTEL for a unique Arctic experience.

Abisko is renowned for its clear skies, which make it an excellent place for viewing the Northern Lights. Husky sledding here offers breathtaking views of the surrounding national park.

Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing or an adrenaline-fueled journey across the snow, Sweden’s unique landscape ensures an unparalleled dog sledding experience, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore Sweden’s winter magic.